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Looking to make your next gathering or party easy, engaging, interactive, creative and fun?

Gatherings is the place to find instructions, recipes and kits on how to put on a great party or gathering. We are providing you with all you need to make your events more engaging and fun. We make hosting easy with the easy-to-follow instructions. It is sure to make your next event the best possible. Gatherings is where you get great party ideas. We have something for all ages.

We will help you create an engaging and fun event. Whether the event is a celebration, a serious discussion, a brainstorming, community building or a "just because" we will provide you with the way to make it a great success...and easy too. Besides our Gathering Kits, games and other event related items we provide you with resources such as party favors or online invitation options to make your event the best possible.

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Our Newest Products

Wine Tasting PartyWine Tasting Party Made Easy

for 6-22 people

Available for immediate download

Want to have a fantastically fun wine tasting party but don't know how to go about it? Want to learn about new wines and have fun with your friends? Want to taste some good food?

Easy-to-follow instructions for how to put on a great wine and food party. This kit will ensure party success.

Less than the price of a glass of Pinot Noir. Click here for more information.
Only $8.50 Order here

money back guarantee

Choice: A Card Game of Decision MakingOur Newest Fun Conversation Card Game: Choices
for 2-6 people

Ages: 6-adult
Time to play: 30 - 60 minutes
Time to learn the game: 5 minutes (or less)
Description: Players get rid of their Category Cards by guessing how other players will choose between two choices: A or B. The A or B choices are created by the players. First person to get rid of all their Category Cards wins.

For more information click here
Only $15.99

Community-Building Kit
Whatever Evenings

for 6 to 40 people

Available for immediate download

Spend an inspired evening (or day) with your guests. Four of your guests are invited to share their ideas, talents and/or activities with all the other guests. It can be improv games, a poetry reading, exercise routine or...whatever. This is a way to get your guest engaged and have a super fun time.

It is easy to facilitate--all you do is follow the directions. Comes with instructions, guest list form, invitation, and a warm-up game that you can print on regular paper, index cards or Avery business cards.

A great way to host. Your guest will want you to do more.

Only $4.95 Order here

money back guarantee


Up and Coming Kits

Business Kit:
Solution Speedway for 6-40 people.

Your guests generate rapid ideas and solutions to problems that each of your Brainstormingguests bring. The problems or projects do not have to be business related. Provides tools for creative thinking.

Cooking Kit:
Do-it-Yourself Cooking School for 6 to 12 people.

Have your friends make a five-course dinner...we'll tell you how.


Things You Can Do

Author and post a kit

We don't just publish our own authors parties. We also publish others. So if you have a great way of gathering people. We would like to publish it on our site for the benefit of others. Oh yes, and collect royalities (as you would publish a book) and they wish to become on author, we welcome them to be part of our family. Find out more information here.

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